We accept donations of books, audiobooks on CD and DVDs to the library. The library also accepts monetary donations, please contact the CEO, if you wish to make a donation.

The library is also accepting the following items for its children’s programs:

  • LEGO
  • Craft supplies:
    • glue (white glue or glue sticks)
    • construction paper
    • stickers
    • paint, either acrylic or tempera (washable)
    • washable markers
    • crayons
    • pencil crayons
    • clean yogurt/sour cream containers
  • Stuffed animals or puppets:
    • rabbit
    • mouse
    • duck (x2)
    • elephant
    • bear
    • crocodile/ alligator
    • monkey (or five monkey finger puppets)
    • birds


Please note: Any materials (i.e. books) donated to the library become property of the library and may be sold as part of our used book sales to raise funds for the library.