All documents are made available in non-writable PDF. Please contact the library if you require an accessible format.


FN-01: Statement of Mission, Vision, and Values
FN-02: Intellectual Freedom


BL-01: Statement of Authority


OP-01: Protection of Privacy and Access to Information
OP-02: Safety, Security and Emergency
OP-03: Accessibility Plan
OP-04: Customer Code of Conduct
OP-05: Collection Development
OP-06: Programming
OP-07: Public Internet Services
OP-08: Use of Space
OP-09: Community Information (Displays)
OP-10: Children and Teen Services
OP-11: Unattended Children
OP-12: Circulation
OP-13: Resource Sharing
OP-15: Local History

Human Resources

HR-07: Harassment
HR-08: Prevention of Workplace Violence
HR-09: Health and Safety